How We Support Your Next Career Advance

The growth of an academic investigator’s robust cancer research agenda requires a perfect fit between his/her science and the institution’s strategic priorities and resources. As well, won’t you be seeking to continue, as well as grow, your research collaborations?

That’s why here at The Brooke Group, we provide personalized referrals — matching cancer research investigators and leaders with institutions whose strategic research goals, resources, and collaborations align.

It’s our job to know ALL of the cancer research investigators and leaders, as well as the rising stars, who are advancing basic, clinical, and translational cancer research in academic healthcare. That’s why we want to know more about you!

You know how you are exceptional in your professional career; and how your research is “cutting-edge” and at the forefront of your discipline. You are the only one who knows your research vision, your interests and goals for continued accomplishment in a meaningful professional career.

We can be your partner, guiding you to the next step in fulfillment of your vision and interests pursuant to an academic cancer research career. Send us your CV and let us know about your interests.

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