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Recruiting academic investigators and leaders with funded cancer research agendas is our priority focus; and to our knowledge, we are the only recruitment consultancy in the US that focuses solely on this niche – to the exclusion of recruiting in other industries. This focus is intentionally exclusive, so as not to “water down” our attention with competing interests from recruitment partners in other industries.

This unique, exclusive industry focus enables us to identify, keep up with, and reach out to, ALL of the funded academic cancer investigators and leaders who could potentially have interest in your strategic research needs. In this fashion, The Brooke Group focuses on meeting every client’s strategic research recruitment needs.

No preconceived notions or cookie cutter approaches — only carefully crafted solutions designed to achieve specific recruitment goals and objectives.

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Today’s funded academic cancer research environment is complex, constantly changing, and extremely competitive.

Our recruitment clients all prefer research investigators with funded research agendas! And, institutions that can consistently recruit these exceptional cancer research investigators and leaders don’t just thrive – they propel themselves to the forefront of academic healthcare.

That’s precisely where The Brooke Group comes in. But what’s our secret? What do we have to offer?

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Consider how long it takes even the most accomplished experts to identify, screen, interview, negotiate, and hire the best potential candidate. Here at The Brooke Group, our specialty is knowing where to find ALL funded academic scientists with established research agendas in the specific scientific discipline(s) and cancer research foci to address your strategic need.

We have a proven process, the right resources, and can pull together the best dedicated team necessary to search, screen, qualify, and present candidates who meet your predetermined requirements — saving you substantial time and effort.

Instead of looking for new positions, exceptional academic investigators are focused on their research, publication, programmatic and lab leadership, teaching, and/or mentorship roles. Not to leave out the need continually to envision, develop, and submit research proposals for extramural funding. Such a delicate balance of effort to be successful requires dedicated attention. So . . . how do you get them to even “see” that you have a strategic opportunity for which they might qualify, and have interest in considering? Our experience suggests that as much as 75% of those who would qualify for your research opportunity, do not even know that you are seeking to fill that need!

At The Brooke Group, we know who to approach and how to present new opportunities to them. We continually monitor and collect information about funded academic cancer investigators and leaders noted in government and proprietary information sources. We continually monitor relevant cancer research publications to follow those who publish. We know the experts who can serve as referral sources. And, we can venture deeply into the relevant networks of credentialed basic, clinical, and translational research investigators across the US.

There are no shortcuts, but that’s how we source the right candidates! We do not wait around for available prospects to find our/your posted cancer research opportunities.

Often a hiring authority and/or search committee has to second guess a candidate’s motivation and particular interests for considering a professional move. But, as a third party and utilizing the “right” approach we find that they’re much more likely to share with us their career plans.

The Brooke Group employs a proven, confidential, prospect review process to assess:

  • the “fit” of a prospects’ research agenda with the client’s strategic research agenda
  • the resources needed to relocate, rebuild, and advance an investigator’s research to the next level; and,
  • the opportunity to continue as well as to grow the prospect’s professional collaborations/network.

And, we partner with you to do this before beginning the time intensive application, credential assessment, interview(s), selection, and approval process even begins!

Additionally, we are wholly familiar with the more than 3 dozen negotiable elements of an academic research appointment; and, by experience, our TBG Consultants can be an effective preliminary screening agent, as well as sounding board, for facilitating a more streamlined preliminary and final offer process.

In short, we ask the tough questions and troubleshoot risks and red flags, for all concerned. The Brooke Group can bring you together with prospective cancer research investigators and leaders in a fashion where time is not wasted in forging the start of a mutually beneficial relationship.

Every day of the week, The Brooke Group interacts with research investigators and leaders in academic cancer research all across the US. We most likely already know your colleagues, your competitors, and your aspirant institutions. And, we monitor their strategic research and recruitment objectives, as well as their opportunities.

We know – or can easily find out – who’s receiving funding for their cancer research agenda, and when a funded investigator publishes research . . . from the “seasoned” funded cancer research investigator, to the investigator who receives his/her fellowship, or training, or first research project grant.

In short, we know what it takes to recruit the exceptional academic cancer research investigators who are among the “elite” who have received extramural support for their research agenda, and those who have published in juried journals with high impact factors.

Still Uncertain?

Ask yourself the following questions…

  • Are you an expert at finding, attracting, and hiring academic cancer research investigators and leaders with extramurally-funded research agendas?
  • Do you know numerous qualified candidates who could complement or provide leadership to your cancer research programs and teams?
  • Do you have anything to lose by working with us on a contingency basis?
  • What does it “cost” your institution — in terms of time, productivity, reputation,and resources — to keep positions vacant; and, to delay the accomplishment of research goals and objectives of ongoing research projects?
  • Can you, and/or your colleagues, divert time away the balance of attention you already must expend for the fulfillment of your research, teaching, leadership, service, and professional roles?
  • How much time and resources will your institution save by using our services — knowing that when recruiting funded academic cancer research investigators and leaders brings to your institution resources for funding research projects and growing Core facilities, as well as indirect resources for the effective and efficient administration of pre- and post-grant support operation, and seeding the growth of new strategic research initiatives!

We can be your Recruitment Solutions Partner!

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